• Sheep Farming
    Over the past 2 years through our partnerships with Douloi Izicaka Co-operatives we have created the framework to launch a global source for sheepmeat via Intensive Sheep Farming methodology. This has been developed through the Mamre Intensive Lambing System.
  • Feed Farming
    In order to support the intensive sheep farming model, we have been through community and rural development created a platform for feed farming, which will be housed internally and externally through communal farming community development.Supplier development of these communal farmers will lead to a sustainable solution even around land issues, as well as create an economic hub that will see global economic involvement for these communities.
  • Hydroponics
    As part of the sustainable farming drive, we have partnered with other developing farmers to produce food through hydroponic systems. These are able to provide security of supply and consistency of produce, which is sort by the many retailers in the market.